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If you enjoy this website and what we do please support us! We don't want direct donations or anything like that but if you are an Amazon Shopper you can help us support our bad habits and this monstrosity (the website) by logging in to your Amazon account through here! Just click on the Amazon logo above. We also have an Amazon camera shop through the Canon EOS logo at the top of the page. It doesn't cost you a penny more to do this. Namaste Moon)Dawg & Gunslinger is a repository for photos from all of the major and minor renaissance festivals, some dead and some that never were in the state of Texas. Photos posted here will not be removed but will reside here for as long as I survive. If you see a photo of yourself and want it you are free to right click and save as to your computer and to post on social media outlets as well. full size images are available for purchase just click here. Namaste Moon)Dawg & Gunslinger - On Line Since June 2003


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The Amazon Links on this website connect to the Amazon Affiliate site. Purchases made through this site do not cost any more than a normal Amazon purchase they do however direct a percentage of the sale to We strive to search and find merchandise that is faire related, good quality and pertinent to our pursuits of faire but you may also shop for all types of merchandise in order to contribute, there are no limits. These funds are used to defray the cost of running this monstrosity and contribute to our delinquency. Thank You For Your Support- Moon)Dawg posts these photos with permission of the individual photographers but said photographer retains all copyright in perpetuity.