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Photo Sales

I understand that not every photo taken is necessarily worth saving forever so I am not offended in any way but that being said occasionally that one comes along. When it does you may purchase the full size image from us.

We don't normally do printing but we can if you need it but we are always prepared to send you the "Full Size" image via email. This image is 5184 pixels on the long side which makes a 72"X48" image @ 300 dpi which is publishable grade and from this image you can go anywhere to have it printed, Sam's, Walmart, CVS or Walgreens are the primary places that come to mind. The information we need is on the top of the photo page as shown in image below.


Full Size

$15.00 first image, $5.00 each thereafter. Digitally delivered

We Print:  
8X10 $15.00 Ea. + $6.50 ea.dditional + S&H ($6.50)
20X30 poster $24.95Ea. + S&H ($6.50)

All images come with a personal use copyright release in .pdf format.

We don't do enough volume to set up e-commerce so we have to do it the old fashioned way by money order. Photos with "Moon)Dawg" on them make the M.O. out to George Mulder for "Gunslinger" put David Stockton on the M.O..

The Mailing address is: 2506 Charla Cir. Austin TX 78728


Contact for Photo Information:


Lunarpages Internet Solutions


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