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Contribute Photos
Contact has a long tradition of accepting photos from people just like you and posting them to the website. This is a free service to any who wish to contribute to the Faire experience. It is not difficult to do and dozens of people have contributed hundreds of photos over the years. There are a few simple rules to follow to do this and here they are.

1. There is no limit to how many you send but it takes me a while to get a lot up. Please try to not send duplicates as it takes forever to weed them out.

2. All photos must be 635 pixels on long side whether vertical or horizontal and 300dpi. If you need a program to do this I have a very simple one that you can get here and I will correct dpi. It runs on your desktop and all you have to do is open it and drag the file you want to resize into it and it is done, set the size in box to 635.

3. Please send ONLY photos to the address. Or you can send them via Thumb-drive and I will return it to you. All other correspondence goes to .

Sending Photos via FTP

For those of you with a good (DSL or Cable) internet connection or a large number of photos you can also FTP them to me. It is simple to do and if you don't know how it only takes a few minutes to walk you through it and here is the short version (RIGHT).

1. You need a FTP program (don't panic) and the simplest and easiest is FileZilla Client (For all versions of Windows), download it and install on your computer then open it up. Below the top tool bar there are four white windows Host, Username, Password and Port. Host:, Username: ? Password: contact me and I will provide you with a username and password for your own FTP account and Port you need not worry about and then click on "Quickconnect" and it will let you know whether or not you made the trip, if not check spelling and copy and paste the password into FileZilla.

2. If you have followed directions the file that will open up on your computer is where you put your photos.Put all of your photos in a file and simply select the file in the left hand window of Filezilla and right click and click upload and the deed is done!

3. I will color correct photos and put your name, faire or real, on each photo and you will be credited for them.

4. Each album, with the new format of the website, will be linked to the appropriate faire under that faire's album page.

Namaste - Moon)Dawg



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