Caveman Cigar Co -Bellville TX
George, Moondawg, Mulder
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Caveman Cigar Co -Bellville TX


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Personal Use

All of the photos in albums on this site are free to download and use on social media sites, send to Grandma and your friends. They are all 635 (700 pixels now) pixels on the long side and are 300 dpi. For contact:


Promotional Usage


Photos on the site are free to use for promotional purposes in accordance with existing agreements with Texas Renaissance Festival, Sherwood Forest Faire and Scarborough Renaissance Festival and print media and digital media promoting said festivals, additionally the watermark must remain in place on said photos. We would appreciate if if media outlets would please put a link to this site in place or make mention of the site.

To purchase individual photos please click here but remember that the photos on the website though not full size are free to use for facebook and other social media. M)D


Disclaimer @ All Faire's

All of the festivals, TRF, Scarborough & Sherwood, have on the backs of their tickets a photo disclaimer that reads:

Commercial Photography and filming are conducted at the event site. You may appear in photos and/or films that may be used in connection with advertising, news reporting entertainment and other activities. Entry into the park and/or purchase of a ticket constitutes your consent for Sherwood Forest Faire, Texas Renaissance Festival or Scarborough Renaissance Festival to use all photos and films, without payment and in any manner or for any purpose desired.

From here on is my take on the disclaimer, if you don't want your photo taken, Faire is the wrong place to be.

George W (Moon)Dawg) Mulder



Zootzu Renaissance Faire Garb

J Higgins Piper Kilt Hose-Great Price Great Quality

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